Spring Loiter

At the blue accommodating yellow,
only to let it burst into purple, crimson and
deep sighs/the buds marking the arrival of spring, longing to bloom/at the polka-dotted ladybug, a proof of life/don’t touch, just look. the hidden nook, invisible, unless you stop/
stop and lie down under the generous canopy, it offers unconditional shade, shelter and breeze look up to know you are tiny/ but to also know the abundance it carriescaress the trunk, hug it even, like you would hug a loved one, gently with care/close your eyes, sometimes looking is listening, the sounds of water, the rhythm of your heart. flowers for the joy they bring without trying/ barefoot, feel the grass, the land, look inside/ pick what’s fallen, let everything else find ground, a home, maybe/preserve, if you must/this ephemeral feeling of spring/use what you have to, to make art.

Booth at RISD Unbound. Sold copies of the Zine.